Vital Facts You Must Know About Powered Paragliding


Do you love to take part in adventurous activities? Are you keen to try something new related to heights? If yes, opt for hang gliding or paragliding. If you aren’t much afraid of heights and like being up in the air, these two activities are ideal for you. These exhilarating sports are indeed the retreats to individuals that long for excitement as well as thrills in life. No matter whether you’re taking up these sports to have fun or you’re just keen to calm your mind, hang gliding to paragliding won’t disappoint you in either way.

Powered paragliding is quite affordable and looked upon as the safest and the most convenient means to fly in the air for fun. You don’t even need a pilot’s license. Something that’s more interesting is, mastering the skills of flying a paraglider takes less than a week’s time. Powered paragliding, to be precise, is the motorized version of paragliding wherein the parachute contains backpack motor. Tandem paragliding in Cape Town is greatly preferred by the individuals these days for the top-notch professional assistance they get. The individual’s afraid of height can easily try out this sport by seeking the help of professionals to overcome their fears.

Do you want to know some interesting facts about powered paragliding? If yes, catch a glimpse of the points mentioned below:

•    A person, on an average, needs almost 3-5 days for getting familiar with the method of operating the paraglider Quad and 5-7 days for learning the procedure of controlling Foot-launch gliders in the air. Greater zest among people for operating the gears of the powered paraglider led to the foundation of various training centers. These centers have skilled instructors that help individuals to learn the right methods of flying the powered paraglider alone.

•    It is quite easy to operate or fly a paraglider all alone. One just needs to take care of 4 inputs- left, up, right and down. What you need to know is, the throttle controls how fast an individual goes down or up whereas, the glider comprises a pair of handles for directing the steering either in right or left. There are hardly any gauges, signals, or clutch and this makes the job of flying the paraglider alone quite easier. The experts say that driving stick-shift vehicles is easier than paragliding. This activity is meant for individuals belonging to different age groups starting from the elderly persons to the teenagers.

The people who are interested to opt for paragliding or Hang gliding in Cape Town must research well for a trusted instructor. Make sure the professional you choose for the training must be licensed and have years of experience in this field.

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